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Travelling to Eigg

Travelling to Eigg involves a ferry journey from either Mallaig or Arisaig, which if you are coming by train lie at the end of one of the most scenic railway journeys in the country - the famous West Coast line. The station in Mallaig is just a couple of hundred metres from the ferry, and in Arisaig it is about 3/4 mile up the hill. Links to the timetables for both ferries and the train from Glasgow in the column to the left.

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The sea journey is about an hour from either port, and if the weather is fair there is an excellent chance of seeing whales, basking sharks, dolphins or porpoises. The Arisaig vessel will always alter course to get close to sightings, and it is an unusual day that they see nothing.

You are not allowed to bring a vehicle to the island, but that only adds to the charm of your visit. If you have come up by car, there is ample parking in both villages. The island is not large and it is easy to walk to most parts and back within a day. There are bikes for hire at the pier.

The Glebe Barn is situated a mile up from the pier. We always meet groups at the pier on their arrival, and transport their luggage. There is also a minibus service from the pier across the island.